Understanding how much gambling may cost over time can help you stay within your entertainment budget.

Cost of Play Calculator

Randomness and house advantage in gambling ensure that gambling operators make money over time, which means that players lose money over time.

A good question to ask might be: "How much money is gambling going to cost me?" Check out our Cost of Play calculator to estimate what your gambling may cost per hour, per month or per year.

Cost of Play

Gaming Activity Report

A Gaming Activity Report can tell you how much you’ve spent on slot machines based on your Club Card use. Use it to monitor your gambling budget and to set spending limits that are sensible for you.

Gaming Activity Reports provide information on:

  • Dollars played
  • Dollars won
  • Jackpots won
  • Estimated win/loss total (on a quarterly or annual basis)


Sample Report

Accessible Version

For your personalized Gaming Activity Report, bring your Club Card and photo I.D. to an Informed Gambling Centre or speak with the Operations Manager at the Shark Club.

Chatting with Kids About Gambling

Kids are exposed to gambling long before they’re adults. From fundraisers and raffles to fantasy sports leagues and some aspects of video games, gambling is all around them. Teens and young adults are at a higher risk of developing problems with gambling, often because they’re exposed in ways that don’t look like traditional casino gambling. The more you know about how gambling works and what they are experiencing, the better equipped you are to help them make smart choices. 

Resources for parents and teens


Lower-Risk Gambling Guidelines

If you gamble, the new Lower-Risk Gambling Guidelines show you how to lower the risks and harms associated with gambling. There are only three guidelines, but you should follow all three:

  • Don’t bet more than 1% of your household income before tax per month
  • Don’t gamble more than 4 times a month
  • Avoid regularly gambling at more than 2 types of games

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